At SALT we charge a commission on each opening and closing trade that is executed, plus a small financing charge for positions that you hold overnight.

SALT Invest 

Partners in success - we want to ensure your success is directly linked to ours, that’s why new SALT Invest clients will only pay commission on winning recommendations for their first three advisory trades.. Please click here for full terms and conditions. 

SALT Invest - Equity Trade Commissions
Exchange Commission per trade Minimum commission
UK 0.3% £10
US 0.1% $15
EURO 0.3% €15


SALT IQ - Equity Trade Commissions
Exchange Commission per trade Minimum commission
UK 0.2% £10
US 0.1% $15
EURO 0.2% €15

Trading charges - Applicable to both account types

Trading Costs for Other Markets

We don’t currently offer trade recommendations on markets other than those listed above, but it is possible to trade these, including Indices, Currencies (FX) and Commodities, on your SALT account.

Please refer to our Pricing and Fees guide or contact us for information on the costs of trading these markets – including commissions, spreads and financing.

Overnight Financing

Overnight financing charges are applied to positions held, as the name suggests, overnight. This charge is applied on the total value of your position – i.e. if you hold a position with 10:1 leverage, where you have deposited £1,000 to open a trade with a value of £10,000, you will pay overnight financing on the £10,000 trade value. Read more in our Pricing and Fees guide.

Leverage and Margin

Margin is the amount of money you need to deposit with us to place a trade and maintain that position.

Leverage is the ratio of the value of your trade versus the margin required to hold that position. For a standard equity trade with leverage 10:1, typically you would be required to deposit £1,000 of margin to open a trade with a maximum size of £10,000. Your profit or loss on this trade will be the change in value on the £10,000 position.

Read more about leverage and margin in our Pricing and Fees guide.

Other Fees and Charges

Additional charges apply to certain types of orders (for example guaranteed stop losses); and to back to base currency conversions when you trade in markets that are denominated in a currency other than that of your account.

Read more in our Pricing and Fees guide.

All trading involves risk.