We’ve designed SALT to deliver a new active trading experience for investors, within a framework of friendly and professional service.  If you’re the sort of investor we think you are, you’ll have questions about SALT and the SALT service. Here are your starters for ten, but for more information why not call us direct on 01872 487733

Q: Are you asking I abandon my investment portfolio for SALT?

A: No. We’re suggesting you designate a small proportion of your portfolio to active trading in order to exploit opportunities your current portfolio may not provide.


Q: Is my SALT Trade Adviser paid “on commission”?

A: No.  Our Trade Advisers are not compensated on commission. Their interests are aligned with those of our clients – in providing a professional service that gives you the potential for returns a traditional ‘long-only’ portfolio may not be able to offer.


Q: How does SALT decide which trades to recommend?

A: Our experienced analyst team use sophisticated analysis to identify the most interesting trading opportunities across the UK, European and US equities each day.  Your Trade Adviser will select from these trade recommendations to build a customised portfolio for you.


Q: How often should I talk to my SALT adviser?

A:  Your Trade Adviser will contact you with new trade ideas as often as you want – typically our trade advisers will talk to SALT clients at least weekly, and up to multiple times a day where clients want to be very actively involved in markets.


Q: How much does SALT cost?  Do I pay an annual fee or commission on each trade?

A: We charge a commission on each opening and closing trade that we execute for you, in addition to a financing charge for holding positions overnight. Details of our current charges and commission rates can be found on our charges page.


Q: Can I add or withdraw funds from my SALT account at any time?

A: Yes.  You have instant access to the funds on your SALT account at all times.  If you have open trades, you can close them whenever you want and choose to withdraw your funds – there are no penalties for doing so.  Conversely you can also add funds to your account at any time.


Q:  Can I lose more than my initial deposit with SALT?

A: No, here at SALT we’ve developed a number of protections for our clients to reduce the risks, and ensure you can never lose more than you deposit:

- We actively monitor and manage all open positions throughout the trading session

- We employ automatic stop loss orders against every position to close an open trade immediately in the event of an adverse price movement in that market, typically set at between 3% and 5% of the value of the trade

- We offer a guarantee that you will never lose more than your initial deposit.  In the unlikely event that a dramatic market movement causes your account to fall to a negative balance we will make a payment to your account to bring it back to zero.


Q: Who regulates SALT?

A: SALT is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


Q: What does SALT being a ‘Non-Independent/ Restricted’ Advisor mean for our clients?

A: SALT uses Gain Capital UK Limited (GCUK) as its primary market maker, and both GCUK and SALT, a trading name of Trade Facts Ltd, are owned by Gain Capital Holdings Inc, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: GCAP). Because SALT gives advice on CFD’s, spread betting and Rolling FX, but uses only one trading account provider, GCUK (trading as SALT Trading), under the FCA investment advice rules we have to describe our advice as ‘non- independent’ or ‘restricted’. For our clients, this means that in order to have an account with SALT, you will also be opening an account with SALT Trading (GCUK). It is not possible to have an advisory account with SALT but use another market maker/provider.


Q:  What funds protections do I have with SALT?

A:  All client money is fully segregated from that of the firm and is held with top tier banks; we are backed by NYSE listed firm GAIN Capital with assets over $1 billion; and in the unlikely event that the firm becomes insolvent or ceases trading clients are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme offering cover up to £50,000.


Q: Who’s behind SALT?

A: SALT is part of the GAIN Capital Group of companies, one of the world’s leading foreign exchange and trading institutions and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: GCAP)

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